SiMa’s Pressure Multi-Touch™ controller IC provides 3D multi-touch by a patented mean of identifying very accurate point data location, both for the XY plane and the Z-axis by measuring pressure. SiMa’s touch controller not only works with standard sensor constructions and current manufacturing processes but also with new and innovative material laminates.

SiMa’s touch controller coupled with application specific sensor constructions establishes an entirely new benchmark of touch system performance. When integrated with OLEDs, performance metrics (e.g. resolution, pressure, optics, update rate and power) far exceed all current touch technologies at a lower cost.

SiMa’s sensor/controller provides ‘certainty of touch’, assuring the user of absolute accuracy for any touch. Further, the sensor/controller operates in harsh environmental conditions far beyond the limitations of current touch technologies (e.g. impervious to moisture, temperature extremes and electric fields).

SiMa’s Pressure Multi-Touch™ sensor/controller redefines the user experience with intuitive pressure based gestures. Accurate interpretation of these gestures requires an accurate force measurement for ‘each’ touch point combined with exceptionable location data delivered at high update rates. Application developers are now empowered to design touch based user interfaces with virtually no limitations for all manner of input be it high certainty multiple finger touches, high resolution pen input using any implement as a stylus, or simple button replacement by touch enabling additional surfaces.