Uncompromised Multi-Touch

SiMa Systems’ unique multi-touch solution allows uncompromised gesture recognition on touch screens and touch pads.

In the past, gesture recognition using multi-touch has been reserved for capacitive-based and other advanced touch technologies. SiMa has bridged this gap.

SiMa is the only vendor to deliver multi-touch, pressure sensitivity and high resolution using resistive technology. Users get the benefits of multi-touch and gestures, combined with the benefits of resistive-based touch solutions such as cost efficiency, being able to use fingers (with or without gloves) or stylus, resistant to water, dust, moisture, etc.

Find out what applications are well suited for SiMa's Multi-Touch / Multi-Force technology. The opportunities are endless.

Are you ready to increase your business by improving the user experience of your touch screens? Do you envision the next generation peripheral input devices for PCs when Microsoft Windows 7 ships with multi-touch support? Then contact us now to find out how SiMa can help you today.

See a video of our exciting new touch pad concept based on SiMa's resistive multi-touch technology!

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